Anthony Joseph appears at Before I Die


Before I Die – Poetry & Performance is a monthly night I run with Sunshine Faggio. This month it’s happening Weds 12th Feb and we have Anthony Joseph featuring. I first met Anthony at a course he ran at The Poetry School entitled, First Thought, Best Thought, based on Allen Ginsberg’s lines, ‘I am a stenographer of my mind. I write down what passes through it, not what goes on around me. I am a poet.’ Anthony drew on exercises from surrealism with theory from Charles Olson to bring out our unique images. Olson writes,

Whatever you have to say, leave
The roots on, let them

And the dirt

Just to make clear
Where they come from.

Anthony’s last poetry collection was Rubber Orchestras (Salt, 2013) and his aim was in his words, ‘to make poems that possessed motion as you read them, becoming themselves in the process.’ He is also a great performer of his work and this is a rare London reading.

Tom Bland


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