Tom Bland


I’m a poet and performer based in London. I write about London, its streets, its traumas, its romances. I run three poetry nights –

Before I Die – Poetry & Performance at The Torriano Pub in Kentish Town, the first Wednesday of the month. I host it with Sunshine Faggio. There’s an open mic and Irina Jauhiainen considers it London’s leading night of experimental poetry.

Unmade Bed – Poetry & Performance at the (in)famous The Flying Dutchman in Camberwell on the second Sunday of the month. I run it with Sean Wai Keung. The ethos is, anything goes. We combine poetry with performance art. There’s also open mic.

Poetry at the Room, a gallery space in Tottenham. I host the night with Anthony Howell. It happens on the last Sunday of the month and we have some leading poets reading. We have two established poets and two rising stars for each one.

I have been studying poetry for the last three years at The Poetry School. My previous studies were in psychotherapy and dream analysis at The Society for Psychology and Healing, and experimental theatre at Emerson College in storytelling and clowning. To contact me, please message me on Facebook.


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